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Venturing with African Odyssey implies companionship, enjoyment, and adventure in addition to the security which group travel gives. Our incomparable experience within Africa also guarantees your vacation is planned well to really make the most from our magnificent continent.

We’ve invested many years polishing our services, providing fresh articles and keeping up to date tips and ideas. We are positive that our adventure tours are the very best throughout Africa.

Africa is full of life and awaiting you to uncover her magic!
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Africa has always been a continent enticing the adventurous traveler, because of its huge open spaces & pristine wilderness. Africa is filled with surprises having its ever-changing landscapes, in season transformations and diversified cultures. We’ve journeyed this amazing continent throughout and pride ourselves to call it our own home. We continuously uncover new places all of the time and visit again sites on the ground, thus we know very well what we recommend to our guests is simply the best.

There’s a lot to consider when preparing a successful safari and we don’t toss thoughtless package offers at our guests and talk about every trip in greater detail and length, bearing in mind seasonal changes, finances, and expectations. Each and every inquiry is handled instantly, individually as well as personally!